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Primary Care Prevention Strategies for Chronic Childhood Illnesses & Autism

Autism and Chronic Childhood Illnesses are becoming more and more common and often seem to go hand in hand. Prevention strategies can make all the difference to a child’s health right from the time they are born. There are many health simple things that can be extremely helpful and ensure your child’s good health

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A New Approach to Chronic Illness: Understanding the Cell Danger Response

The Healing Cycle and the Cell Danger Response are the subjects of  presentations by Dr Robert Naviaux at the Mindd International Forum 2019 Dr Robert Naviaux will present a Public Education Class at the Mindd International Forum 2019. His research and clinical experience have led to breakthroughs in understanding how healing occurs. Here are some...
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Stealth Infections – Do they play a Role in Chronic Disease?

Stealth infections may not be well understood in a clinical or general public setting. However, more and more research is pointing towards particular microbes and pathogens being the underlying cause of symptoms and conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, weight gain, thyroid and neurological disorders and more. Stealth infections are not easy to diagnose as...
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