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Functional Medicine:
Treating the Whole Person

Functional Medicine represents a new direction for both mainstream and alternative health practitioners. In the modern word drugs are no longer the only solution to health concerns. The Functional Medicine practitioner looks at the whole person, not just their symptoms, and builds a program using nutrition as well as natural supplements including herbs, vitamins and more to restore health

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When Fatigue Gets You Down: Understanding Mitochondria

Mitochondria disease

Mitochondria are responsible for energy production in your body and when they malfunction this leads to fatigue. Although this was mostly seen in children, recently adults are being affected too. Ensuring you have good Mitochondrial health is becoming the focus of more and more work by Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners

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Primary Care Prevention Strategies for Chronic Childhood Illnesses & Autism

Autism and Chronic Childhood Illnesses are becoming more and more common and often seem to go hand in hand. Prevention strategies can make all the difference to a child’s health right from the time they are born. There are many health simple things that can be extremely helpful and ensure your child’s good health

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The Missing Microbiome and Chronic Illness Recovery in Children

In Dr Nancy O'Hara‘s clinic, children with all types of chronic illnesses present, including a large percentage of children with autism who have behaviours that are labelled autism, that are really about pain, discomfort, inflammation. Lack of normal metabolism may be going on in their bodies. When they are treated then the behaviours get better....
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