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Community Spotlight – Denise Guray

Introducing Mindd Volunteer and Nutritionist, Denise Guray Denise has been volunteering at the Mindd Office, offering invaluable support to the team for the past 2 years. We do love volunteers – they help to make the work of Mindd possible. Denise brings a smile every week – and sometimes prepares nutritious whole food lunches for the...
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Functional Medicine:
Treating the Whole Person

Functional Medicine represents a new direction for both mainstream and alternative health practitioners. In the modern word drugs are no longer the only solution to health concerns. The Functional Medicine practitioner looks at the whole person, not just their symptoms, and builds a program using nutrition as well as natural supplements including herbs, vitamins and more to restore health

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The Missing Microbiome and Chronic Illness Recovery in Children

In Dr Nancy O'Hara‘s clinic, children with all types of chronic illnesses present, including a large percentage of children with autism who have behaviours that are labelled autism, that are really about pain, discomfort, inflammation. Lack of normal metabolism may be going on in their bodies. When they are treated then the behaviours get better....
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