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Community Spotlight: Dr Ron Ehrlich, Mindd Ambassador

Dr Ron Ehrlich

Dr Ron Ehrlich, holistic dentist, health advocate, educator and podcaster – is also an enthusiastic Mindd partner and ambassador. In his weekly podcast, Unstress Dr Ron explores and expands on holistic health themes with world leaders. His ongoing advocacy and research of the Five Pillars of Health are a foundation for his book, his keynotes and workshops for the public, corporates and health professionals.

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Community Spotlight – Passionate Sisters Kym & Nicole | Love Organic Living

Love organic living

Kym, Nicole and Leanne were motivated to start their enterprise as a way to respond to the growing illnesses that are impacting their communities. Their flagship product,  Golden Turmeric Blend is a delicious, healthy drink alternative – inspired by an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. Pure organic goodness and the highest quality on the market!

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