The Missing Microbiome is a crucial factor in Dr Nancy O’Hara‘s clinic, where children with all types of chronic illnesses are treated. These include a large percentage of children with autism who have behaviors that are labeled autism, however, they are really about pain, discomfort, and inflammation. Lack of normal metabolism is what may be going on in their bodies. When they are treated, then the behaviors resolve.

Mindd International Forum, 23-24 March (Live in Sydney, Australia and Livestreaming globally)
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Dr O’Hara also treats children with inflammatory bowel disease. Rather than receiving pharmaceutical medications, these children are being treated with diet, antimicrobial therapy, anti-inflammatory herbs, and essential fatty acids all of which aid in their recovery.

Dr O’Hara has been a featured speaker at past Mindd International Forums. Her practical insights and extensive clinical experience provide practitioners with the latest research and methods to improve their clinical skills.

Healthier Children Recover More Easily

“When we look at children with autism we see a variety of outcomes. I’d say first of all the more the children are healthier, the more they are available for the therapy and the more they are available to learn. They’re not constipated, they’re not in pain and then, there are some children that recover. Usually somewhere between twenty and thirty percent of kids will fully recover.

Somebody once used the analogy of getting hit by a bus you don’t get cured of being hit by the bus but you can recover from it, so with good diets, nutrients, removing the bad stuff, some of these kids can recover and many of them if not all of them can be better.

If there were one piece of advice I could give to Mums, it would be to love your child as they are, because I think stress is one of the biggest culprits that take our lives and our children away from us, trying to change them. I often use the analogy of a gift. You know these children are our gifts, just the way they are. They may have nine or ten layers of wrapping paper that we need to unwrap and figure out the true gift inside, but at every stage don’t forget that each of these children is a gift.”

New Therapies and the Missing Microbiome

“There are some very exciting interventions on the horizon, pointing to the missing microbiome or the hygiene theory, and that is we have totally changed our insides by the way we are living indoors without vitamin D exposure, wearing shoes, using toilets, using antibiotics, C-sections, formula. All of these things have changed our microbiome and our kids epigenetically, genetically are more susceptible to those changes and so they haven’t been able to adapt.

We can reset the immune system to start acting appropriately. We have seen marked improvements in many autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, and also in autism and ADHD. With improvements in anxiety, attention deficit, OCD and ticks, new therapies on the horizon offer promise for many of us suffering from chronic disease.”

Forum Presentations with Dr O’Hara:
Making the Grade: ADHD without drugs

Stimulant sales have soared in the past decade; pharmaceutical companies can market directly to the consumer in the US.  Lifestyle modifications, including careful attention to sleep, exercise, and nutrition, should be the first step in treating learning and attention problems.  Some supplements have published evidence about their efficacy in improving symptoms of ADHD, and classroom interventions are critical for management.  Learners will hear the latest research and get tools for managing ADHD & learning differences without reaching for the prescription pad.

Dr Nancy O’Hara’s Presentations:

  • Chronic Immune System Activation/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
  • POTS & Dysautonomia
  • PANS, PANDAS & Beyond
  • Lyme: It is in Australia
  • Trust Your Gut: Celiac & Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
  • Making the Grade: ADHD without drugs

Learning Objectives for Dr Nancy O’Hara’s Presentations

  • Identifying chronic inflammatory responses that may be triggered by biotoxins, tick bites, toxic metabolic products, extracellular ATP and cell wall fragments from molds
  • Explore the complexities of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and identify treatment strategies
  • Learning to recognize PANS and PANDAS and the associated symptoms, as well as determining the link between other infectious triggers and neurological symptoms in children
  • The different ways in which Lyme Disease is approached, including diagnostic criteria and standard verse controversial treatment approaches.
  • The role of zonulin and the latest updates about progress in identifying and treating celiac disease, as well as the expansion of gluten restriction for people without classic celiac disease
  • The importance of lifestyle modifications, including careful attention to sleep, exercise, and nutrition in treating ADHD without drugs

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