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Chronic Illness… What Evidence Best Supports Effective Diagnosis?

childhood chronic illness

Considering anecdotal evidence is vital to accurately assess childhood chronic illness. Consideration for the limitations of clinical trials is also important. Dr Mumper’s extensive clinical experience as an integrative doctor has provided her with a sound understanding of the specific causation and pathology of various chronic illnesses, including childhood illnesses.

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Q & A with Dr Nancy O’Hara on Children’s Health, Stimming, MTHFR, Eczema and more


Dr O’Hara calls MTHFR the mother gene because it interferes with folate metabolism. Folate is a B vitamin and we get it in green leafy vegetables and other food. It gets broken down in the body, so it’s really important for brain development and detoxification in general. These metabolites of folate are vital to decrease anxiety, tics, OCD and other childhood neurological symptoms. If you have a defect in the MTHFR gene, you are less able to metabolize or break down folate completely and you are more likely to have problems with detoxification, anxiety, tics, brain fog, and cognitive delays.

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Healing Cycle and Cell Danger Response with Dr Robert Naviaux

Cell Danger Response Cycle

Without healing, multicellular life on Earth would not exist. Without healing, one injury predisposes to another, leading to disability, chronic disease, accelerated aging, and death. Unblocking therapies directed at stimulating the completion of the healing cycle by regulating signalling hold promise as a new approach to treatment.

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The Missing Microbiome and Chronic Illness Recovery in Children

Autism recovery Dr Nancy 'Hara

The Missing Microbiome is a crucial factor in Dr Nancy O’Hara‘s clinic, where children with all types of chronic illnesses are treated. These include children with autism who have behaviors that are labelled autism, however, they are really about pain, discomfort, and inflammation. Lack of normal metabolism is what may be going on in their bodies. When they are treated, then the behaviors resolve.

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