Mindd International Forum speaker and Mitochondria and Cell Danger Response expert Dr Robert Naviaux has recently been recognised for the intense interest in his research publications. His work on mitochondrial health has now become a very important area in modern medicine, impacting health at the deepest level.

Every cell of your body contains energy-producing structures called Mitochondria

Dr Robert Naviaux has dedicated his career to the underpinnings of mitochondria, the healing cycle and how these impact human health. He will present the Masterclasses at the 2019 International Mindd Forum in Sydney, Australia (also available via Livestream)

Accolades for Dr Naviaux’s Research

We are pleased to announce that three of Dr Robert Naviaux’s research publications were the most frequently downloaded papers in the journal Mitochondrion in the last 90 days.

Dr Naviaux’s Most Popular Research Publications

  • His recent paper from August 2018, ‘Metabolic features and regulation of the healing cycle—A new model for chronic disease pathogenesis and treatment’ was the most frequently downloaded paper
  • ‘Metabolic features of the cell danger response’ was the second most frequently downloaded paper
  • ‘Antipurinergic therapy for autism—An in-depth review’ was the fifth most frequently downloaded paper

This is a huge achievement and is a testament to Dr Naviaux’s dedication and the high regard in which he is held within his field of research. Dr Naviaux is committed to ensuring that there is more understanding and awareness of the biological processes required to sustain human life.

Dr Naviaux’s Masterclasses at the Mindd International Forum

His masterclasses will especially draw on his most recent research, including his peer-reviewed articles in Mitcohondrion:

  • Four stages of the healing cycle can be defined in bioenergetic and metabolic terms
  • Progression through the healing cycle is controlled by metabokines and mitochondria
  • The pathophysiology of chronic disease is reframed as the result of abnormalities in metabokine and mitochondrial signalling
  • When normal stages of the cell danger response (CDR) persist abnormally, the healing cycle is blocked and chronic disease results

In Dr Robert Naviaux’s presentation, he will be discussing how to unlock the potential of mitochondria and how this relates to common conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr Nancy O’Hara and Dr Elizabeth Mumper present Clinical Applications of Dr Naviaux’s research

Through their collaboration with Dr Naviaux, Drs O’Hara and Mumper have directly applied his research with their patients. The Mindd Forum 2019 program includes their presentations and interactive sessions, including case histories, testing and treatment, and their clinical pearls.

Learning Objectives for Dr Naviaux’s Masterclass presentations:

  • Understand the 3 stages of  the “healing cycle” and how it relates to chronic disease
  • Understand the role of systems biology, metabolic differences and hundreds of gene mutations in the “healing cycle”
  • Recognising the “social networks” of cells and how they collaborate to maintain health
  • Identify blocks to the “healing cycle” and how to remove them to support self-sustaining health
  • Command of emerging research about the “healing cycle”