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Primary Care Prevention Strategies for Chronic Childhood Illnesses & Autism

Dr Liz Mumper will be presenting at the MINDD International Forum 2019. Her Masterclass presentations will be based on her extensive clinical experience, and include: immune dysregulation, allergic triad conditions, cerebral folate deficiency and cognitive impairment, and autoimmunity. Dr Mumper has over 18 years’ experience within her practice working with children on the spectrum, or...
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The Missing Microbiome and Chronic Illness Recovery in Children

In Dr Nancy O'Hara‘s clinic, children with all types of chronic illnesses present, including a large percentage of children with autism who have behaviours that are labelled autism, that are really about pain, discomfort, inflammation. Lack of normal metabolism may be going on in their bodies. When they are treated then the behaviours get better....
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How the Cell Danger Response Protects Cells and Hosts from Harm

Dr Robert Naviaux will present at the Mindd International Forum 2019. His research and clinical experience have led to breakthroughs in understanding how healing occurs. Here are some highlights of his background research and clinical experience that contribute to his Masterclass at the forum. Healing is Essential to Multicellular Life Without healing, multicellular life on...
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