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Dr Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD

Mitochondrial & Metabolic Disease Expert

Dr. Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD is the founder and co-director of the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center (MMDC), and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathology, and Genetics at UCSD, where he directs a core laboratory for metabolomics.
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Dr Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD

Mitochondria, Autism, and the Cell Danger Response

Complex disorders like autism can be improved, but cannot be recovered by measuring and treating each of the molecular problems and correcting them one-by-one. Complex disorders heal by triggering an ancient program of molecular changes that reboots and restores normal cell and systems communication. This program is called the healing cycle. Metabokines are chemicals produced by injured and healing cells. Metabokines bind to cellular receptors, change gene expression, and facilitate progression through the 3 steps of healing cycle. One important metabokine is the energy molecule, extracellular ATP (eATP).

Dr Elizabeth Mumper

Integrative Doctor

Dr Elizabeth Mumper is President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center. Her general pediatrics practice is Advocates for Children. Advocates for Families is her practice devoted to the care of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental problems.
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Dr Elizabeth Mumper MD, FAAP, IFMCP

Complex Chronic Illness – The New Normal

Many childhood chronic diseases have increased dramatically over the past three decades.  We will emphasize some potential environmental factors that may be acting as antecedents, triggers or mediators that parents can help their children avoid.  We will discuss prenatal & postnatal strategies that can aid in the prevention of serious health conditions in children.  We will look at the evidence about how non-medication strategies can impact the quality of life for child and family.

Dr Nancy O’Hara

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Nancy O’Hara is a board certified Pediatrician. Prior to her medical career, Dr. O’Hara taught children with autism. She graduated with highest honors from Bryn Mawr College and as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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Dr Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP

POTS & PANS: Childhood Disorders on the Rise

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a form of orthostatic intolerance that is characterized by lightheadedness, fainting, and a rapid increase in heart rate with standing.  It was named in the early 1990’s, and cases have been increasing in the decades since.  We will discuss the latest research on treatment strategies and laboratory evaluations with an emphasis on how these disorders depend on clinical diagnosis and integrating the history of each individual patient.  Case histories will show the progress and challenges of real patients being treated for these conditions.

PANS or Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome is a syndrome that includes symptoms of anxiety, mood swings, irritability and obsessive compulsive disorder.  It may also include sleep problems and bedwetting. Researchers are finding that symptoms can be triggered by infections (such as the flu, chickenpox, mycoplasma, and Lyme disease) or may be caused by something else.  PANDAS, when strep infection drives mood disorders, is considered a type of PANS.

Dr Leila Masson

Integrative Doctor

Dr Leila Masson is a consultant paediatrician who specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine for children’s health issues, including allergies, asthma, behaviour problems, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. She has a busy clinic in Sydney where she sees children and mentors doctors in integrative paediatrics.
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Dr Leila Masson

Protecting the Next Generation’s Microbiome: A Timeline

Our children’s physical and mental health depends on the quality of their microbiome. Dr Masson will review the latest research on lifestyle, nutritional, environmental, and medical interventions that may interfere with the establishment of a healthy microbiome, and those that promote it.

Helen Padarin

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Helen Padarin is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist in Sydney with post-graduate training in integrative treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders.
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Helen Padarin, ND

Nutrition & Lifestyle that Supports Mitochondria

Dr Frank Golik

Integrative Doctor

Dr Frank Golik graduated from University of Queensland with 2nd class Hons in 1975; 2 years junior RMO at Royal Brisbane Hospital; 1 year as senior RMO at Atherton Hospital, Nth Qld. He commenced in solo Private Family Practice in Clayfield, Brisbane in 1979.
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Dr Frank Golik, MBBS (Hons QLD) FRACGP, FACNEM

Behavioural and Mitochondrial Problems in Kids

This talk will cover an overview of the myriad of genetic, biochemical, microbiome/microbial/infective, food, and environmental links affecting these children: creating disturbed and problematic behaviour and/or poor cellular, muscular and cognitive function. These problems appear to be accelerating in frequency and severity.

Dr Christabelle Yeoh

Integrative Doctor

Dr Christabelle Yeoh graduated from medicine at the University of London in 1999 and has obtained her membership with the Royal College of Physicians (UK). She has a Masters degree in Nutrition from King’s College London.
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Dr Christabelle Yeoh

Bioenergetics and Genetics: Ancient Mitochondrial DNA and their Connection to the Brain and Chronic Fatigue

The common health adage of ‘structure and function’ couldn’t be more precise when it comes to health and healing. From bridges to bicycles to bones, the concept of structure and function holds also true in our mitochondria. The brain and nervous system are particularly harmed by alterations of both mitochondrial shape and function. They are also highly influenced by maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA.

“Complex” diseases such as autism and chronic fatigue syndrome are overlooked due to the subtle bioenergetic changes which can lead to major health consequences. Learn about the connections between mums and their kids. Boosting ATP is only the beginning!

Soulla Chamberlain

Star Anise Organic Wholefoods

Soulla Chamberlain is the creator & director of wholefoods brand “Star Anise Organic Wholefoods” established in 2010 and Sydney’s first dedicated Broth Bar & Larder” which opened in December 2015 in Bronte.
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Soulla Chamberlain

Making Organ Meats Sexy

Organ meats can be a big hurdle for some people. They are the “last frontier” on the Wholefoods Wild West. Eschewing refined starches and industrial seed oils, and embracing bone broth and fermented foods and drinks can seem like child’s play until the word “organ meats” is mentioned and suddenly the “bar is raised” and squeamish looks abound. Hold onto your activated nuts, as wholefoods rockstar and traditional foods cooking instructor Soulla Chamberlain will discuss why organ meats are the No. 1 superfoods on the planet, why they are so sexy, how they turn on your mitochondria, and how to incorporate them into family friendly meals. From chicken liver pate, sneaky shepherds pie, ox tongue, black pudding, sneaky lambs brain omelette, baked bone marrow chocolate pudding, bacon liver date roll ups, sneaky san chow bow…. whether in sneaky or loud & proud form, the vast array of dishes affords plenty of opportunity to follow in the steps of our forebearers from all around the globe to build reserves of strength and vitality and take your health to the next level with these nutritional powerhouses.

Kirsty Wirth

Kultured Wellness

Kirsty Wirth is a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach and mother of two children, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Kirsty has studied a PHD at Monash University, held lecturer and teaching positions at University of South Australia and Monash University and is a passionate outdoor enthusiast.
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Kirsty Wirth

Using Probiotic Smoothies and Juices to Increase Nutrient Intake that Supports Mitochondrial Health.

Healing diets to address imbalances within the body often require eliminating certain foods for a period of time. You may even need to eliminate foods that are from mother nature and that are nutrient dense such as fruit and high sugar and starch vegetables. This change in diet is vital to restore optimal health but it may compromise key nutrients and minerals that we need for our mitochondrial health.

Probiotic smoothies are a fantastic way to ensure that you are obtaining all the key nutrients and minerals for your mitochondria whilst on a healing diet. Fermenting nutrient dense drinks like smoothies ensure all the nutrition you need without the natural sugars such as glucose and the extra carbohydrates.

The best part is that they are delicious, easy to make and kids young and old love them.

Gillian Kozicki

Cultured Artisans

Gillian Kozicki is the passion behind Cultured Artisans, where she empowers people to engage in their wellness journey by combining her love of home prepared whole foods that support good health and wellbeing.
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Gillian Kozicki

Fermenting the Rainbow for Health & Vitality

Leverage your microbiome through fermented foods to improve your metabolic and mitochondrial health. Bidirectional communication between your gut microbiota and cellular mitochondria show a link to your health and energy levels. Feeding your gut healthy, probiotic foods increases the good bacteria of your microbiome which assists your mitochondrial health. The full colour spectrum of foods can be fermented to provide guerilla nourishment and explore new and exciting ways to promote your family’s cellular health.

Alexx Stuart

Low Tox Life

Alexx Stuart is on a mission to share the importance and joy of a low tox life, helping people transition in a positive and empowering way. Having had a full career spanning the cosmetics and hospitality industries, Alexx’s passion for uncovering the truths behind what goes ‘on’ and ‘in’ us, quickly became her main professional focus, after healing herself from chronic illness an holistic way.
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Alexx Stuart

Foods that Support Detoxification: Brilliant Brassicas!

Clever ways to bring delicious inspiration to this vital family of veggies and inspire detoxification and disease fighting, every single day – from breakfast to snacks to family meals and even dessert! You’ll also learn how best to communicate the WHY of these foods to your children and how to shop and prepare food to increase chance of them being receptive and eventually loving them.

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