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Cellular Pathways for Chronic Disease Recovery


with Drs Elizabeth Mumper, Nancy O’Hara and Robert Naviaux

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Dr Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD

Mitochondrial & Metabolic Disease Expert

Dr. Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD is the founder and co-director of the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center (MMDC), and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathology, and Genetics at UCSD, where he directs a core laboratory for metabolomics.
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Dr Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD

The Cell Danger Response, Healing Cycle & Chronic Disease

Medical treatments that have proven successful for acute diseases like infections, poisonings, and physical injuries have proven ineffective in chronic disorders ranging from autism to chronic fatigue syndrome, and from ALS and Lupus to Alzheimer dementia. Dr Naviaux presents a new model that reframes the pathogenesis of chronic disease as a failure to complete the molecular stages of the healing cycle. Three stages of the cell danger response (CDR1-3) make up the healing cycle and must be entered and exited in sequence to recover from any illness. Ultimately, the completion of the healing cycle is controlled by cross-talk between mitochondria and the nucleus. This new model leads to the radical prediction that a handful of new drugs and devices may be effective in the treatment of hundreds of chronic disorders.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Metabolomics & Future Clinical Trials

ME/CFS is triggered by exposure to any of over 30 different, potentially life-threatening conditions that include certain infections, toxins, or trauma. The symptoms of ME/CFS typically persist long after the initial agent of injury has been cleared, leading to long-term disability and suffering. Metabolomic analysis of patients with ME/CFS, and several other chronic complex disorders like autism and PTSD, has led us to the conclusion that ME/CFS is a dauer-like energy conservation program that restricts cellular energy and resources as a failsafe response to environmental danger.

Dr Elizabeth Mumper

Integrative Doctor

Dr Elizabeth Mumper is President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center. Her general pediatrics practice is Advocates for Children. Advocates for Families is her practice devoted to the care of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental problems.
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Dr Elizabeth Mumper, MD, FAAP, IFMCP

Alopecia, Vitiligo & Cutaneous Mastocytosis

These 3 conditions represent various aspects of immune dysregulation affecting the skin and hair.  Dr. Mumper will examine the underlying pathology in each disorder and suggest innovative treatment strategies for each.  Cutaneous mastocytosis has a much better prognosis if diagnosed early, but the average time from symptoms to diagnosis is about two years.  Alopecia can sometimes respond to antifungal therapies or helminths.  Integrative management of vitiligo can focus on healing strategies for balancing the immune system, not just on topical treatments.

How Ages and Stages Affect Migraines

Children’s ages and stages of development modify the way migraines present.  At least 20 genes have been associated with migraines.  After this lecture, the learner will be able to: 1) Recognize the atypical ways migraines may present in infants and children, 2. Identify potential migraine triggers in childhood and 3) Choose effective strategies to abort migraine headaches and 4) Develop strategies for decision making about migraine prophylaxis.

Unlocking the Allergic Triad (Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Eczema)

The prevalence of the conditions in the allergic triad has increased dramatically in the past few decades.  The 3 conditions often travel together.  Rather that only providing medications for each of the conditions, efforts should be made to identify underlying causes, remove environmental triggers and work towards healing underlying immune dysregulation.  In so doing, clinicians can facilitate improvements in all the symptom manifestations.  Special emphasis will be on enhancing the adaptive function of the gut in modulating immune balance.

Why Cerebral Folate Deficiency & Folate Antibodies are Important

A significant number of children in the autism spectrum have folate receptor binding or blocking antibodies.  Identifying these children and treating them with leucovorin leads to clinical improvement in many.  Children with cerebral folate deficiency are at risk for cognitive impairment, seizures, dyskinesias and ataxia.  Attendees will learn how to spot cerebral folate problems clinically since early identification and treatment have been associated with improved clinical outcomes.


Humans have low levels of autoantibodies to lots of natural molecules.  In animal models, if the low-level autoantibodies are depleted, the inflammation is much worse.  Autoimmunity can now be understood as the redirection of adaptive mechanisms.  In this lecture, we will explore several autoimmune conditions and look upstream at those conditions to explore how similar triggers can result in different manifestations of autoimmune disease in individual patients.

Dr Nancy O’Hara

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Nancy O’Hara is a board certified Pediatrician. Prior to her medical career, Dr. O’Hara taught children with autism. She graduated with highest honors from Bryn Mawr College and as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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Dr Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP

Chronic Immune System Activation/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

When patients present with multi-system chronic symptoms that are debilitating, clinicians must consider the possibility of chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammatory responses may be triggered by biotoxins, tick bites, toxic metabolic products, extracellular ATP and cell wall fragments from molds.  Laboratory evaluations can be utilized to identify genetic predispositions, the presence of chronic inflammation, and potential triggers.  The path to recovery is complicated.  Resources for patient education will be provided.

POTS & Dysautonomia

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is a form of orthostatic intolerance that is characterized by lightheadedness, fainting, and a rapid increase in heart rate with standing.  It was named in the early 1990’s, and cases have been increasing in the decades since.  Dr. O’Hara will explore the complexities of applying diagnostic criteria to patients who may vary in their clinical presentations.  Treatment strategies and patient education resources will be provided.


Pediatric Acute Neuropsychiatric Syndrome and Pediatric Autoimmune Neurologic Disease Associated with Strep are all too common in the offices of general practitioners today.  This lecture will provide insights about potential infectious causes of sudden changes in the neuropsychiatric symptoms of children and the variety of symptoms that may be manifested.  Treatment strategies are directed at the infection and the inflammation.  The latest recommendations for treatment and prophylaxis will be explained.

Lyme: It is in Australia

Dr. William Osler was quoted as saying “he who knows syphilis knows medicine” and the same can be said for Lyme disease, coincidentally caused by a spirochete also.  Lyme disease has multiple stages: an acute phase, an intermediate phase, and a chronic phase. The symptoms can become increasingly severe over time and include neurological symptoms and many different body systems. The differences in diagnostic criteria, standard and controversial treatment approaches, and laboratory interpretation will be discussed.

Trust Your Gut: Celiac & Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity 

The discovery of zonulin revolutionized the way we think about how gluten affects humans.  Even in patients without celiac disease, gluten temporarily disrupts the function of gap junctions in the gut.  We need to cast a wide net to see which patients might have symptoms that would respond to gluten avoidance.  Attendees of this lecture will learn the latest updates about progress in identifying and treating celiac disease and the expansion of gluten restriction for people without classic celiac disease.

Making the Grade: ADHD without drugs

Stimulant sales have soared in the past decade; pharmaceutical companies can market directly to the consumer in the US.  Lifestyle modifications, including careful attention to sleep, exercise and nutrition, should be the first step in treating learning and attention problems.  Some supplements have published evidence about their efficacy in improving symptoms of ADHD, and classroom interventions are critical for management.  Learners will hear the latest research and get tools for managing ADHD & learning differences without reaching for the prescription pad.

Leah Hechtman


Leah Hechtman is Director of The Natural Health and Fertility Centre, Sydney and has been in practice for over 20 years. She specialises in fertility, pregnancy and reproductive healthcare for men and women.
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Leah Hechtman PhD (Candidate), MSciMed (RHHG), BHSc (Naturopathy), ND, FNHAA

Microchimerism, mRNA and Parental Wisdom

We are starting to understand how pregnancy changes the mother in unintended ways. No longer can we just put it down to the emotional links between mother and child. Foetal microchimerism describes what our children leave behind in their mothers – cells that are not their own and we know that these cells may help or harm her depending on many variables. What we are also now discovering is that Maternal microchimerism occurs as well – the maternal lioness is more than a maternal instinct – her very cells exist within her child. Synchronistically with this, our understanding of mRNA is evolving in ways we hadn’t predicted. The long held belief that mRNA was only passed down from mother to child has recently been debunked with paternal mRNA showing its presence and impact as well. What does this all mean for us as clinicians? As parents? As human beings? How can we influence these unique genetic pathways and how can we improve the health of future generations? We’ll explore some of the latest research in these fascinating areas and discuss the clinical applications to improve the health for all.

Dr Leila Masson

Integrative Doctor

Dr Leila Masson is a consultant paediatrician who specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine for children’s health issues, including allergies, asthma, behaviour problems, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. She has a busy clinic in Sydney where she sees children and mentors doctors in integrative paediatrics.
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The Gut-Cell Danger Response Connection

When our cells are harmed by toxins, infections, or physical injury the cell danger response is elicited to protect us and repair the damage. Dr Masson will discuss the latest research on strengthening our bodies to prevent chronic illness: Lifestyle, nutritional, and environmental interventions that promote a healthy microbiome increase our bodies’ capacity to remain healthy.

A healthy microbiome is needed for a strong immune system, well-functioning detoxification pathways, and to reduce inflammation; all of these help our cells and bodies to withstand injury and harm and to recover quickly rather than spiralling into chronic ill health.

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